COLD SPLIT – How it works

Current wafering technologies waste material during the splitting process. Our COLD SPLIT technology can be used to split compound materials without any loss of the raw material. COLD SPLIT increases the output of the base material by 90% when compared to conventional technologies.

The COLD SPLIT process also reduces material distortion such as warp, bow, variation in thickness and surface roughness. The need for lapping (surface finishing) is therefore eliminated and the need for polishing is significantly reduced.

In addition to these improvements, this innovative technology provides cost savings of about 30% during the grinding process.


I. Our patented laser procedure prepares a defined layer within the material for splitting.


II. The material is then coated with our custom designed polymer.


III. The system then induces the right amount of stress through controlled cooling, to precisely split the material along the laser-conditioned layer.


IV. Finally, the base material has the polymer film removed with standard wet-chemical cleaning and the base material is ground in preparation for the next split.