News / 1. Dezember 2017

SILTECTRA develops SiC wafering process with kerf-loss far below 100μm

SILTECTRA GmbH, a technology specialist for kerfless wafering, continues to work on high volume manufacturing qualification and optimization of their unique wafering technology called COLD SPLIT.

Volume manufacturing process capability for manufacturing SiC substrates, enables the penetration of SiC for power semiconductor applications. One of the key goals of SILTECTRA’s COLD SPLIT TECHNOLOGY is to prove the material savings of up to 90% compared with conventional technologies like wire sawing. These material savings have a direct impact on the substrate cost which allocates about 50% of the total cost of a final SiC device. So far, this cost dependency has been the main bottle-neck to the successful market penetration of the SiC material.

One of the key enabling parameters is the kerf reduction. Recently, SILTECTRA has been able to establish a kerf-loss far below 100μm. The market standard is between 200 to 250μm or more for an optimized and well-established wafering technology. In order to realize this outstanding and for the industry, significant achievement, SILTECRA engineers have developed a laser process, enabling a premium homogeneity by dynamic control of the light source parameters. “With a kerf-loss of below 100μm, chip and substrate manufacturers are able to significantly increase throughput and yield as well as reduce costs, based on material savings,” said Dr. Jan Richter (CTO).

SILTECTRA is currently working on further optimization of their LASER process by building a new generation of LASER, ensuring an automated process control.